Golfer’s Elbow

Fast Treatment for Golfer’s Elbow

What is Golfer’s Elbow?

Both Golfer’s elbow as well as tennis elbow are two rather common injuries for many golfers. These two golf injuries cause inflammation, soreness or pain in the upper arm, just above the elbow. The main difference is that the golfer’s elbow is an injury on the inside of the upper right arm (for right-handed golfers), while the Tennis elbow is an injury on the outside of the left elbow (again, for right-handed golfers). Interestingly, the tennis elbow injury is more common among golfers than the golfer’s elbow.

What causes Golfer’s Elbow

Both injuries are most commonly caused by overuse. The repetitive golf swing causes a prolonged strain on the forearm muscles which, over time, will overwork those muscles. This is particulary so if your general level of fitness is relatively low, you do not properly warm-up and stretch before a game, and if your clubs do not properly suit you (i.e. wrong shafts).

Treatment of Golfers Elbow

Since golfers elbow is a soft tissue injury you should as soon as possible rest your arm, apply an ice compression, keep your arm elevated and refer to a medical specialist if needed.

After 2-3 days you should start a simple exercise regime (see below) that will help to speed up the healing process of the scarred muscles and tendons. This should be followed up with other specific exercises in order to regain and improve the strength, power, endurance and flexibility of the injured muscles and tendons.

It would be way too much info to display all the detailed exercises on this web page, hence I refer you to another website that offers a specialized treatment plan. While that site addresses particularly tennis elbow sufferers the specific exercises entioned there will be equally beneficial for golfer’s elbow sufferes. Remember, I stated above that more golfers actually suffer from a tennis elbow than a golfer’s elbow anyways, hence both groups will benefit from these specific exercises. Click the following link for the Cure Tennis Elbow eBook and Step-by-Step System

In addition you should also pay attention to the following:

  • Consider getting a more flexible shaft, i.e. if you currently play stiff ‘S’ Shafts get regular ‘R’ shafts, if you currently play ‘R’ shafts get ‘A’ shafts.
  • If you currently play steel shafts you may also want to think about changing to lower flex Graphite shafts.
  • Play lower compression golf balls, this will help reduce the strain on impact.
  • Slow down your backswing and maintain a smooth swing, do not decelerate in your downswing.
  • Reduce your grip pressure and keep your arms relaxed.

Again, in order to fully treat and cure Golfer’s & Tennis Elbow you need a suitable exercise regime. Doing so will not only help you get better, it will also prevent the injury from coming up again. This should be worth a few bucks! Click here for the exercise program: Cure Tennis Elbow eBook and Step-by-Step System.