Lower Back Pain

Treatment System for Lower Back Pain

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Most often the development of lower back pain (LBP) in recreational golfers is due to poor swing mechanics, excessive practice, and poor physical conditioning. This nagging golf injury develops primarily because the golf swing represents a series of unnatural, injury-promoting twisting movements, resulting in muscle strains and sprains. Naturally, golfers who suffer from chronic or recurrent episodes of lower back pain can be frustrated because the pain hinders their ability to play golf.

Treatment of Lower Back Pain

Back pain and lower back pain treatment can take on many forms, depending on the type of underlying injury. Many commonly sought after methods of treatment that have been used, for example:

  • Orthopedic surgeons often resort to cortisone shots and anti-inflammatory medications to deal with the pain, but this is generally only a short term fix. Surgical interventions are extreme, and after wound healing the scarred tisue may again give rise to new back problems.
  • Physical therapists and chiropractors will reduce the pain symptoms, but the underlying causes for the back pain may be ignored in the quest for immediate pain relief. While the pain may be soothened for a short time it can return once the underlying reason for the back pain flares up again.
  • Massage is in most cases a good option to look at. Proper massage by a certified therapist will break up scarred tissue in injured tissue and losen tight and inflexible back muscles, which in turn will improve imbalances in flexibility.

However, the most important remedy for (lower)back pain is to work on the muscle imbalances that caused the pain in the first place. Strengthening and stretching the back muscles will enable them to support the spinal column, and to withstand the unnatural twists and turns that are part of a golf swing. Strong and flexibile back muscles are essential for a healthy back, and this can be achieved with a good fitness program.

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